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Trade Credit Insurance

Protect Your Balance Sheet & Your Company

As a credit management tool, trade credit insurance allows you to protect your accounts receivable and reduce credit risk for a low price. By insuring your invoices and credit portfolio with a policy from Niche Trade Credit, you can safeguard your cash flow up to a given credit limit. If your client fails to pay on the specified terms, you’ll be able to recover the money that you are owed, up to the limit specified by your policy.

This type of insurance is also sometimes called “debtor insurance,” and is a valuable tool when sending goods or services to international clients – especially when political events, insolvency, and other such issues could pose serious obstacles to your short term business prospects if a debtor is not able to pay.

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I have found that Niche Trade Credit actually listened to our requirements and brought to us a suitable and workable solution which would satisfy our needs.

Jonathan SchafferDirector Plum Products Australia Pty Ltd
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Our Services

Credit Insurance

Protect your business cash flow now against the credit default faced by an increasing number of failing businesses! Business failures are on the rise and, according to Dunn & Bradstreet, it is not because of a lack of opportunity or sales, but rather poorly managed cash flow.

Deb Collection & Recovery

Are you stumped when it comes to debt collection and recovering monies owed that are outstanding?

Or do you kind of ignore it and hope that it will fix itself? Maybe you just get angry and lose valuable client connections that could have been maintained with the right debt collection strategy.

Export & Political Risk Insurance

Are you an exporter? Are some of the destinations that you export to subject to different types of risks? At Niche TC we can ensure that you have the right export or political risk insurance to suit your individual business requirements.

When your income is on the line,
you can count on us to ensure you receive it.

We want to help you protect the cash flow of your business and overall fianncial health. At Niche TC we take the time to listen to your needs and tailor specific credit solutions to complement your business. If you are looking for a national trade credit insurance broker that can keep your business cash flow working for you, then you are at the right place.

One of the biggest problems that businesses face is disruptions to their cash flow because they are unable to recover outstanding debts. Often it is because the debtors are bankrupt or insolvent but it can be because they don’t have the necessary expertise to conduct successful debt collection. At Niche TC we can help.

Complete Solutions
For Clients Worldwide

We specialise in credit risk management for Australian exporters and other companies who do a majority of their business internationally.

With trade credit protection, we can help protect you from protracted default when you extend services on credit – such as net 30 days – and your buyer does not pay.

If you do not have a trade policy and a client or buyer violates your agreed-upon payment terms, it may be difficult to get the money that you are owed, particularly if you are exporting goods or services to a foreign country. Difficulties obtaining legal documentation and pursuing debt collection are common in these situations.

Trade credit insurance protects you from the risk of insolvency due to a client’s unpaid invoice, or failure to abide by the issued credit terms. If your client does not pay, your insurance policy will pay out, and provide you with a set percentage of the invoiced money that you are owed.

This ensures that you have plenty of working capital – and that a single unpaid invoice or other such issue does not lead to bigger issues with your company. Niche TC have worked with dozens of companies from Australia and all around the world, providing insurance brokerage services and advising for exporters, importers and more.

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Niche TC have been in business for more than 30 years as Specialist Trade Credit Insurance Brokers, and we have worked with businesses all across Australia. We’ve been known for our outstanding client relationships, and for our unique ability to procure trade credit policies from underwriters at the best possible cost.

Beyond our trade credit services, we also offer debt collection and recovery services. We are an all-in-one resource for exporters and international businesses who need help protecting their books, and ensuring proper, on-time payment and strong cash flow.

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