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But whatever name is being used they all do the same thing, they protect your business from losing money if a debtor becomes insolvent or defaults on monies owed to you either in Australia or overseas.

Trade Credit Insurance is also known as Debtors Insurance, Receivables Insurance or Bad Debt Collection.

Most people when they start a business don’t even think that they may need Trade Credit Insurance; they are so busy finding clients and providing services.

It is often not until it is too late and there is a problem when things turn ugly does the subject of debt collection rear its head.

With years of experience in this specialised field we can tell you that every business needs Trade Credit Insurance from the minute they open their doors to customers.

Just think about it you work hard, you provide goods or a service and then your clients don’t pay. What do you do? Maybe write off the first as a bad experience but what about the next or the next?

In the uncertain economic climate that we are all currently living and trading in businesses disappear into insolvency quickly and you could be only earning a fraction of what you are meant to be paid.

Business is a risk and not receiving money that is owed to you can affect you ability to trade and can have a catastrophic effect if failure to pay is from a major client.

If you have Trade Credit Insurance you can not only trade with peace of mind but feel free to grow your business knowing that there is one more risk in your business that is being managed professionally.

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Our expert team can help you with a full range of credit risk and cash flow management services. Our aim is to ensure that you have the advice and tools that you need to look after the financial needs of your business.

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The 7 BIG COSTLY RISKS Often Faced
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