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Credit Insurance

Reduce your risk of financial losses from non-payments. No matter the size of your business, ensuring you get paid is the high priority.

Cash Flow Management

Avoid interrupting your cash flow without having to be an expert. Our experts will help you protect your cash flow and ensure the security of your financial future.

Expert Advice

Bad debts start with the borrower’s creditworthiness. Find out early how long it will take to get your money back. And how much money you’re losing every day.

When Your Income Is On The Line…

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We want to help you protect the cash flow of your business

At Niche Trade Credit we take the time to listen to your needs and tailor specific trade credit solutions to complement your business. If you are looking for a national credit insurance broker that can keep your business cash flow working for you, then you are at the right place.

One of the biggest problems that businesses face is disruptions to their cash flow because they are unable to recover outstanding debts. Often it is because the debtors are bankrupt or insolvent but it can be because they don’t have the necessary expertise to conduct successful debt collection. At Niche Trade Credit we offer a range of services that are designed to assist you and free your time up to concentrate on your business.

Our primary services are outlined in greater detail below.

Commercial risk insurance

As a business, it’s likely that a large percentage of your capital is tied up in credit; that is, money that is owned to you by debtors. If your largest customers were suddenly unable to pay due to insolvency or bankruptcy, would your business cope? Commercial risk insurance (also known as trade credit insurance) provides you with peace of mind and financial security.

Export and political risk insurance

If your business exports products overseas, it’s important to ensure you are covered should your cash flow be interrupted. Whether you suffer contract repudiation or a Government organisation defaults on payment, export and political risk insurance ensures your business doesn’t lose out.

Cash flow management services

An effective debtors control system is a critical part of any financial management plan. An interrupted cash flow can place unnecessary and potentially catastrophic strain on a business, and it’s therefore important to ensure you have adequate debt collection and insurance measures in place.

Claims service

If you need to make an insurance claim, our team of experts can take care of it for you. We liaise with insurers to make sure you get the return you’re entitled to – minus the hassle.

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Discover solutions to protect your cashflow and optimize your money-in activities to do business carefree

Protect your business cash flow

Our aim is to protect your business’s cash flow through a wide range of financial services. Our commercial risk services in Sydney include:

The Insurance Brokers You Can Trust Your Baby With 

While many businesses go to great lengths to protect certain aspects of their business, many neglect to take care of one of the most important considerations – their cash flow and owed credit.

When it comes to protecting your business, Niche Trade Credit is the company you can rely on. We can assist large companies and small business alike; we take the time to get to know your business, ensuring we offer a service that is tailored to suit your specific needs.

When it comes to national credit insurance, cash flow management and debt collection services, there’s no better company to turn to. If you would like to learn more about any of our services, call our Sydney office on (02) 9416 0670.

I have had the pleasure of working with Ferdi of Niche Trade Credit for several years and found him to be a person who thinks before he acts in order to produce the correct outcome for his clients.

Maureen Ball

It was a great pleasure to know Ferdi and he suggested the right policy for credit insurance for our business needs. After meeting various companies, we found Niche Credit to be professional, focussed only on credit insurance and dedicated. Ferdi has demonstrated an ability to recommend the best possible solution to our credit insurance needs and also to negotiate it into effect with insurers. We look forward long term mutually beneficial relationship with Niche credit.

Darshana Bhatt

Having dealt with similar companies in the past the difficulty was always in ‘the fine print’. With Ferdi of Niche Trade Credit everything is in BOLD allowing one the peace of mind to focus on the important things in the business.

David Webb

I have found that Ferdi of Niche Trade Credit actually listened to our requirements and brought to us a suitable and workable solution which would satisfy our needs.

Jonathan Schaffer

How Secure Is Your Cash Flow?

Uncover Hidden Gaps In Your Policies And Processes To Reclaim Lost Income In Your Business. Find Out Where They Are With Our FREE Risk Assessment.

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When you choose to work with Niche Trade Credit, We Will…

  • Help you identify any potential problems you may have with your next prospect that seeks credit terms, before you take them on.
  • Demonstrate to you the benefit of keeping regular tabs on your current debtor financial position, without them even knowing.
  • Show you simple process changes to reduce your outstanding DSO’s by a minimum of 10% within 90 days.
  • Give you the best options available to protect your cash flow should one of your debtors become insolvent.
  • Present an ‘out of the box’ way of thinking totally different about accounts receivable, by marketing your collections process in the debtors favour.
  • Develop your trading terms and conditions by incorporating new requirements of the recently introduced PPSA legislation.
  • Get the right credit insurance at the right price, i.e. Right Cover Right Price.

Protect Your Business Cash Flow

Our aim is to protect your business’s cash flow through a wide range of financial services. Our commercial risk services in Sydney include:

Ferdi Nel

Ferdi Nel



Assisting business owners across many industries and countries enjoy greater security and profitability of their businesses by identifying, maximizing and protecting their largest and most valuable assets – CASHFLOW of RECEIVABLES.

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