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I am Mr.Ferdi Nel, owner of NicheTC and a Credit Insurance Broker and Specialist in Sydney. Niche Trade Credit is very experienced at protecting client’s Cash Flow and ensuring they get paid.

I am also the founder of NicheTC, Australia’s #1 trusted and preferred trade credit insurance and solutions specialist. I’d like to take a little of your time to tell you about myself and my company, and how for over 20 years now, I have assisted business owners just like you across many industries and countries achieve greater security and profitability in their businesses by identifying, maximising and protecting their largest and most valuable assets – CASHFLOW of RECEIVABLES.

content_img1Originally from South Africa, after two years serving in the defence forces and studying commerce at University, myself and a few of my mates at the time decided a surfing trip to Australia was on the cards. We travelled, we surfed, and we fell in love with the country. So much so, it was then that I decided I’d be back one day… to live and forge my career in the greatest country on the planet.

En route back to Australia, I spent five years working in the UK for a trade finance organisation in London. This was the foundation that began my journey, and introduced me to the field that I, for many years have built a very solid and enviable reputation in.

I’ve seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly in many businesses that, quite honestly, just don’t hit the mark when it comes to managing their sales and collections processes effectively.

I’m sure you, just like every other business owner, has at some time faced the dreaded cash flow crisis that if not managed aggressively, could easily have a disastrous flow-on effect to other areas of your business from production to delivery. Not to mention the ultimate possibility of the total loss of the business.


We are the experts in protecting and managing business cash flow through credit insurance services!




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As you’re no doubt aware, one of the key components of corporate governance involves the management of your firm’s financial position to ensure protection of the overall credit rating that dictates future prospects of growth. The problem when businesses are faced with reacting to a cash flow “crisis” is; lack of control becomes evident, decisions are made on the spot, often in the heat of a moment. Keeping this information in-house, or under wraps often presents further challenges in itself.

Learn Why So Many Businesses Are Turning To “Niche Trade Credit Solution” For Their Complex Credit Management Challenges.

At Niche Trade Credit, based in Sydney, we provide a range of commercial financial solutions, including an expert credit insurance service, to our clients in Australia and New Zealand. We specialise in Trade Credit or Debtor’s Insurance and can tailor a protection package that suits the needs of your business. NicheTC supports a range of small, medium and large clients throughout Australia and New Zealand included publicly listed companies. We negotiate the credit protection best suited to each business and ensure clients increase their profits as a direct result of our services.

Email / Call me – for Free Consultation on How to protect Cash Flow of your business (Credit Insurance).

We can assist you with area such as:

ul_imgTrade Credit Health Check

ul_imgTrade Credit Commercial Risk Insurance

ul_imgExport & Political Risk Insurance

ul_imgTrade Credit Insurance Compliance

ul_imgTrade Debt Collection

ul_imgClaims Assistance

ul_imgCredit Reporting / Ledger Cleaning

ul_imgCustomer Profile / Corporate Intelligence

And if we don’t have what you need listed here, give us a call (02-9416 0670) and talk to our friendly staff about how else we can help you.

Our mission is to ensure is to provide the support that you need to ensure a profit from our services.

We make sure that at the end of the day you get paid while you are free to run your business.

Talk to us today about how we can help you to protect your cash flow with our credit management and insurance service in Sydney!

Niche Trade Credit Pty Ltd is a licensed Insurance Broker with ASIC AFSL No: 355296

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